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1 Day Out – The 2005 Bodybuilding Season Is Almost Over… But The Quest For Muscular Perfection Is Just Beginning…
4 Days Out From Bodybuilding Competition #2
7 Days Out From Bodybuilding Competition #2: Back Day
The Almost Forgotten (And Most Evil) Leg Exercise
The “Master Plan” For Bodybuilding Competition #2
Tom Venuto October 15th Bodybuilding Competition Details And Photos
Flash Report! NPC South Jersey Bodybuilding Contest Results
1 Day Left - Locked & Loaded, Ready To Roll!
2 Days Out, 2nd Day Of Carbing UP… And Time To Get “Painted”
3 Days Out, First Day Of Carbing Up, Final Week
4 Days Out: Last Day Of Contest Week Depletion Phase
6 Days Out: First Day Of “Depletion Phase”
9 Days Out From Competition… Leg Day Training With Richie Smyth… The “Voice Of Reason” Speaks
Las Vegas Ultimate Super Seminar With Bodybuilding Legend Bill Grant; October 15th, 2005
Natural Bodybuilder Tom Venuto, Latest Pre-Contest Progress Photo October 5th, 2005
Chest & Biceps With “The Master Blaster”… Getting That “Round” and “Full” Look
Leg Day, And My Trip To The Natural USA Bodybuilding Competition
High Density Chest Training, Multi Rep Bicep Training And Advanced Abdominals
Upper Back Training For Muscular Detail… “Like A Road Map Back There.”
Boulder Shoulder and Titanic Tricep Training
New Bodybuilding Contest Schedule… And, No, Competing in “Open” Shows Does NOT Mean I Have Crossed Over To The Dark Side!
Leg Day AND Low Carb Day (Lousy Combination), Plus Start Of Final Week Prep
Chest, Biceps, Abs, And High Carb Day (Thank God!)
Upper Back Training With Yet Another New Venuto Twist
High Intensity, High Volume Shoulder Training (The Richie Sessions, still continued)
WARNING: Low Carbs Ahead… So Don’t Get In My Way… I’m Gonna Be Grumpy!
Supersets For Chiseling Chest, Trisets For Blasting Biceps
Only A Few More Back Workouts To Go
“Evil, Sadistic Trainer” or “Masochistic, Sucker For Punishment Client?”… You Decide…
Ripping Up & Detailing The Quads & Hamstrings
Tom Venuto 17 Days From His 2005 Return To Bodybuilding Competition (New Photo 09-14-05)
New Tom Venuto 5-Star Bicep Routine! Amazing!
Another New Back Training Program For Width And Muscular Detail
Super-High Intensity Leg Training: Return Of The Quad Hobbler
Chest, Biceps & The Six Pack Ab Attack
Back Day: Depleted, But Still Pushing!
Pre Contest Diet Changes 4 Weeks Out: The Final PUSH!
Shoulder Day – Using Press Behind The Neck Safely
1000+ lb. Leg Presses! (New Training Photos)
“Perfect Curls” For Blasting Biceps
Back Supersets for Muscle Quality & Detail
Shoulders, triceps & abs… still progressing
Pre Contest Diet Changes 6 Weeks Out: Tightening up even more
Leg Day… Heaviest And Hardest Yet
New Chest & Bicep Combinations
The ALL-ROW Back workout
New Shoulder Workout!
How To Isolate Quads More On Leg Presses
“Drop Supersets” and other “INSANE” Arm Training!
Back Blasting For Muscle Thickness & Density (With New Training Photos!)
“It Was A Pleasure Kicking Your Ass… Again” (More Richie Sessions)
“The Quad Hobbler” (Leg training that will make you limp!)
“In The Zone” Chest & Bicep Training
“Hammering” The Back!
Another 5-Star Shoulder Workout
How To Make A Supine Leg Press Machine 300% More Effective
Out Of Town… But Still Business As Usual; Chest & Biceps
Subject: A “Normal” Back Workout For A Change (Heavy & Basic)
Getting Creative With Deltoids And Triceps
The Birthday Leg Workout
Some Variety For Chest & Biceps Today!
Another Doozy Of A Back Day (Compliments Of The M.O.P.)
A Day In The Life: Cardio, Eat, Eat, Lift, Eat, Eat, Eat, Eat, Cardio, Sleep, etc.
Leg Day… And Back Is In Business
Check Out The New “Mountain Peak” Biceps Program
Pre Contest Diet Changes 10 Weeks Out
“Stuff THAT In Your Blog” (Back Day With Richie)
“It Was a Pleasure Kicking Your Ass” (The “Richie Sessions”, Continued)
High Tension, Big Pump Leg Training
New Pec Training Strategies
A new way to do pull-ups you’ve never seen before
The “Richie Sessions” Begin… Delts & Tri’s
There’s Nothing Like LEG DAY
Post Exhausting Pecs And Arms Arnold-Style!
“There’s a Hole in Your Back!”
The Deltoid And Tricep “Massacre”
Leg Day: Heavy weight high reps
“It’s The Feeling Of Fat Cells Shrinking!”
100 Different Ways To Do Lat Pulldowns???
Getting Shoulders & Triceps Bigger & Stronger
Swing Squats And Other Adventures In Leg-Blasting
Pre Contest Diet Changes 12 Weeks Out - Tightening Things up!
Fusing MIND with METAL For A Chiseled Chest & Better Biceps
Killer Back Training To Get That “V-Shape!”
Interval training to burn that fat faster!
The fireworks were in the gym today!
Now THIS is a real gym!
Pre-Contest Diet Phase I (13-15 weeks out)
“Those 30-pounders too heavy for you, Tom?”
A Really “Dense” Back Workout
A Call From “The Master”
This Is A 5-Star Shoulder Workout!
“Oh SQUAT!!!”
Tom’s Cardio Program For Getting Ripped
Loaded Guns… How To Get Huge Biceps
It’s WAR!
This Is a “No-Wussy” Zone
“That guy on the floor… is he ok?”
100 Days And Counting
Don’t Call It A Comeback
Muscle Building Nutrition
5 Star Arm Workouts - An Anthology Of The Best Bicep And Tricep Routines Of All Time
Form: The Difference Between Bodybuilding & Weight Lifting