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Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast Episode #1: Turning Mind Power Into Extreme Muscle And Power! Amazing Podcast With Peter C. Siegel, R.H., the world’s #1 sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. Author of Think And Grow BIG and Steppin’ Up to Mega Muscle and Power

fingerpoint.jpgPrepare to get insanely motivated, deeply educated, and compelled to seriously triumph in your workouts (every workout)! On this mind blowing podcast you’ll hear the world’s #1 sports and peak performance hypnotherapist teach you how to get the most and best out of yourself, so you start coming on strong, and naturally train with mountain moving intensity – and start measurably packing on thick, chiseled, serious muscle.

For 30 years Pete Siegel has personally worked with major pro athletes in every sport, and bodybuilders who went on to win Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. International, Arnold Classic, and Mr. Olympia titles. Pete fully reveals his incredible “Converting Mind Power Into Extreme Muscle And Power” secrets enabling you to generate the invincible confidence and drive that blasts through fear, destroys limits, conquers the pain barrier…and compels mega-muscular mass and power!

Are you ready to take the decided next step in your training and physical development? Yeah? Then listen closely to this serious results podcast, and you’ll learn the amazing mental breakthrough to forging the thickly powerful, muscle packed physique you’ve been striving for!!

Download the mp3: (one full motivation-packed hour!)

Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast #1: Turning Mind Power Into Muscle Power - Pete Siegel


This is my first ever podcast.Leave a comment and let me know, do you like this podcast idea overall? How did you like THIS first podcast? Would you like to hear more podcasts?

If you like LISTENING to natural bodybuilding secrets instead of just reading it, I would appreciate your feedback. Let me know what you think. (If I get no feedback, I’ll assume you guys/gals don’t want any more podcasts!)


Train Hard and Expect Success,

Tom Venuto


Published on 19 November, 2008


Leith Carnie said:

Thanks Tom! I will listen to it on my morning run tomorrow. Its the only time I get to listen to these things. :-)

Posted on Nov 20, 2008 01:55 AM

Arkady said:

Wow, what an interview!!!! This is the second time I am listening to it and it keeps getting better and better. Tom, to answer your questions... I love the podcast idea. It's just so much more efficient, just put it on your mp3 player and listen to it while working out. This podcast in particular was amazing. I was more engulfed into this than I am when I watch good movies. As I was listening, I could actually visualize my workout, which should be taking place in a few short hours. I would LOVE to hear more podcasts.

Posted on Nov 20, 2008 02:22 AM

Jeff said:

The podcasts and your website are both great constant/consistent resources to stay motivated! Please keep both!

Posted on Nov 20, 2008 09:33 AM

Dan said:

I love the idea of the podcasts! I'll be listening to this one later today and will give you feedback on it later.

Thanks Tom!

Posted on Nov 20, 2008 09:58 AM

Ron said:

I downloaded the interview last night and listened to it driving from work and then driving to the gym. When I arrived at the gym I was really motivated, and was thinking "warrior". I actually felt stronger and had a great workout!

I loved this podcast and would like to listen to more! Thanks for this Tom and Pete!

Posted on Nov 21, 2008 08:27 AM

Dave said:

Great podcast, thanks for bringing this to us. You were and are way ahead in the importance of the mental to muscle tie in.

Posted on Nov 21, 2008 11:27 AM

Armando Mendez said:

Powerful information to take to the gym in every training session.

Just an FYI Tom, I was an obese kid. During what I thought were my best training years from 20 to 30 y/o, I don't think I was ever below 15% bf.

I got your book maybe three years ago and last month I did my first photo shoot at below 8%. What a journey! 13 weeks of zero cheat meals and good training sessions.

I am an amateur of course, I "think" I do my best for a 41 y/o male who works 40+ hours a week developing software and a 5 y/o daughter who does not take no for an answer.

Man, I still have so much more potential! And I'm planning to go and get it!

Thank you for what you teach us and share with us!

Armando Mendez
Irvine CA USA

Posted on Nov 21, 2008 06:56 PM

Dan said:

Hey Tom,

I listened to the podcast yesterday and it was awesome. I had listened to half of it before hitting the gym and applied some of what I had already heard and had an awesome workout. This is great stuff! I second what I said before that I love the idea of more podcasts from you. I hope others feel the same and that you'll do more podcasts in the future!

Posted on Nov 21, 2008 07:20 PM

John Serra said:

Thanks Tom,

A podcast is a great idea. Now we can follow while we are on the go, whether we are working out, driving, or at the park with the kids...

One favor to ask though... Could you please make it available through iTunes so we get the automatic download?



Posted on Nov 22, 2008 06:19 AM

testosterone booster said:

Great podcast! This is awesome information, i went through it a few time over. Incredible

Posted on Nov 22, 2008 03:47 PM

zoina21 said:

Great way to start. I enjoyed a lot this podcast. I am a regular listener of other bodybuilding podcast, the pbw, which is more focused in the sport news, the professional part of bodybuiding rather than the regular joe (is a great podcast too). So i welcome this podcast as very useful for me, i was expecting for something like this a long time ago. This first episode covered something i never remembered exploring to get better results which is he mental part. I got very curious to investigate further on this subject. Thank you for creating this podcast, i hope it has great success in the future.
Zoina21, Portugal

Posted on Nov 24, 2008 10:47 AM

Josh said:


I'm excited that you've produced a podcast, but I cannot figure out how to subscribe. When I go to the apple store, I typed "bodybuildingsecrets" in the search engine, but there was no podcast to be found.

Could you explain how I can subscribe?

Thanks so much,


Posted on Nov 25, 2008 01:23 PM

Tom Venuto said:

Josh, we are not on itunes yet. This first "podcast" is simply an mp3 download.

I DO plan to get hooked up to itunes for subscription.

However, I don't know how to do it yet... (I will learn soon! And I welcome advice from the tech savvy on the best way to do it).

For now, you can simply download the mp3 from the link in my post above


Posted on Nov 25, 2008 01:32 PM

Ivan said:

Great podcast Tom. Very professionally done. I look forward to more podcasts from you in the near future. I will definitely subscribe to the podcast if it is on itunes. Keep up the great work!

Posted on Dec 02, 2008 01:52 AM

Fitness Freak said:

Excellent podcast. I find that mental training approach very interesting.Thank you.

Posted on Dec 02, 2008 11:19 PM

Troy said:

Wow! Great podcast! I'm embarassed to admit that it was only through this one podcast that I found this site last night- search engine, you know. Talk about synchronicity/synergy! Looking forward to a physical and mental growth spurt! Thank-you!

Posted on Dec 14, 2008 09:33 AM

HargainerTips said:


I'm really looking forward to listening to the podcast. I'll let you know what I think very shortly.


Posted on Dec 15, 2008 01:16 PM

Nicole said:

Please don't only do iTunes. A simple RSS/XML feed will allow anyone to subscribe using *any* Podcast aggregator.

If it's on iTunes only, lots of people won't be able to get it.

Posted on Jan 27, 2009 07:14 AM

Christian said:

Hey, this was great. Keep'em coming!

Posted on Apr 23, 2010 06:04 PM

stefan Cobleigh said:

I enjoyed listening to Mr. Siegel; he is fascinating. I felt inspired just listening to his thought process unfurl. A shame to lose him. Rest in Peace Mr. Siegel.

Stefan Cobleigh

Posted on Oct 23, 2010 04:40 PM

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