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Independent Researcher Known For Brutal Honesty Reviews Popular Bodybuilding Supplements And Reveals how To Build Muscle Without Drugs Or Crazy Programs…

If you’re interested in getting honest and unbiased reviews of popular muscle building and bodybuilding supplements - from someone who doesn’t sell them - and if you’d like to learn the unadulterated truth about gaining muscle, then you’ve come to the right web page.

brinksbodybuilding2.gif Finally, someone has published a science-based and professionally-written guidebook to muscle building supplemements, training and nutrition, which I’ve been recommending for a while now in my newsletters. The best part: It was NOT written by a supplement company! It’s called Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed (BBR) by Will Brink.

You could spend days or even months searching all over the internet, combing through, doing research in the libraries and browsing aisle after aisle in the bookstores and you will never find a resource with a more complete and objective analysis of muscle building supplements than you will in Will Brink’s newest e-book, BRINK’S BODYBUILDING REVEALED.

This e-book is all about one thing: How To Build Muscle, and the book’s strong point is the unbiased coverage of every major muscle building supplement on the market, including:


When new supplements are released (as they always are), Mr. Brink posts periodic updates on the latest news, research and developments - and the updates are free to BBR owners.

When you read BBR, you will discover what I have been teaching my clients, subscribers and website visitors for the last 5 years: that most supplements are a complete waste of money.

However, buried in the “supplement haystack” there are a few surprisingly effective products that might give you the slight extra edge in strength and muscular development that you’re looking for. This is especially important if you’re a bodybuilder or competitive athlete of any kind because the line between first and second place is often as thin as a razor’s edge. In fact, in this day and age of fierce competition, the line between first and LAST place is often as thin as a razor’s edge!

If you’re spending ANY money on supplements now and you’re not 100% certain whether you made the right decisions or you’ve just flushed your paycheck down the toilet, then this is an e-book you want to add to your library immediately!

I’d recommend you read BBR from cover to cover, but you don’t have to, because it’s also a superb resource just to keep handy as a reference book. What I mean is this: Have you ever read a magazine or surfed a website and heard the “sales pitch” for the latest greatest supplement… and wondered if it really works or if it’s nothing more than hype?

The next time that happens, all you have to do is pull your copy of BBR off the shelf (the ebook is fully printable), and look up the product in question to see if Will gives it a “thumbs up” or “thumb’s down” recommendation (I guess you could say Will Brink is like the “Ebert & Roeper” of bodybuilding supplements).

If a supplement is brand-spanking new and isn’t in the latest edition of BBR yet, you just log onto the BBR members area and look in the Supplements section of the forum. They have over 350 + brand name supplements and 100+ general ingredients listed with comments from Will and feedback from thousands of BBR members

If you’ve purchased any so-called “breakthrough” products in the past and you felt like you were the victim of the latest advertising hype, then you can obviously see how having this information at your fingertips could save you a lot of time, money and frustration in the future.

BBR is not just a “supplement review book” either. Will has written a concise section on muscle building nutrition which teaches you exactly what to eat to gain muscle - without getting fat. There’s also a special training section written by strength coach extraordinaire, Charles Poliquin, which is absolutely priceless. (you should get your hands on everything written by Charles).

This program is endorsed by big names such as Lee Labrada, Milos Sarcev, Charles Poliquin, and now I’m happy to say, myself.

Click here to get all the info from Will Brink’s website:


Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

PS. I was recently invited to join the team at BrinksBodybuilding.Com as a contributing writer in the “Guru” section of the member’s area, along with Bodybuilding Legend Lee Labrada, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Milos Sarcev, World renowned strength Coach Charles Staley, Brian Haycock of “Hypertrophy Specific Training” (HST), and the man himself - Will Brink. More big name bodybuilders, writers and “gurus” will be joining soon. When you grab a copy of BBR, you also get access to this member’s area where you can ask some of the gurus your personal questions and/or read exclusive articles that can’t be found anywhere else.

Will Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed member's area

PPS. If you have any interest in muscle building supplements at all, you really have to see with your own eyes, the inside of this private members website to appreciate it. You can get an insider’s “sneak preview” at the Brink’s Bodybuilding members only area here: (notice in particular, the screenshots that show you how virtually every supplement on the planet has been reviewed there - including generics such as “protein powder” as well as specific brand names, such as “Designer Protein”).

Published on 20 June, 2005

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