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Dear Bodybuilding Friend,

If you would like to contact me directly by email, please use the form below.

Because I get thousands of emails every week, I cannot guarantee a personal reply to every private email that is sent to me. However, I will make every effort to read every email I receive.

Please do not email me privately to ask for personal advice. I get far too much email to respond to private requests for personal advice about training or diet programs.

I will be much more likely to respond personally to comments placed on the blog, provided they are relevant to the topic posted.

This will help make Bodybuilding Secrets.Com a better place, because everyone who visits will be able to benefit from the comments posted on the blog and it will create a better community atmosphere.

My very best to you,
Tom Venuto, Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Coach

PS. Visit my other websites:

PPS. In the future, I may re-open my personal coaching, and e-mail mentoring programs. At this time, however, I am only available for private email consultations through my association with Global Health & Fitness as their "Fat Loss Expert." For more information, visit my Global Fitness review web site at:


If you are looking for a trainer, in person in northern New Jersey, or online via email or telephone, I also HIGHLY recommend Richie Smyth. You can visit Richie online at www.richiesmyth.com.

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