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Or, What The Heck Is RSS?

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If you're one of the cool kids, and you have technology firmly by the tail, this is where you can subsribe to this blog's RSS feeds. Subscribe To My Feed.

What is RSS anyway?

Let me give you some easy analogies. Let's suppose you have a lot of websites you like to read regularly. That adds up to a lot of time surfing the web hitting all those bookmarks. Frequently, there's no new updates. That's a lot of time wasted. There's GOT to be a better way, right? Well there is. It's called RSS.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. It's a way for me to publish a summary of my recent weblog posts in a format known as XML which is easily picked up by something called a news reader.

OK, that's a lot of tech talk. Simply put, instead of surfing a whole bunch of sites with your browser, you use a news reader and it does the surfing for you. That way, you only check in on those sites with fresh content. BIG time saver.

In turn, I publish a format that your news reader can find. It finds my news feed (RSS feed, XML feed) because you've subscribed to it by clicking on one of those RSS icons. There are many news readers, some come as software you use, others are free online services like Bloglines, or Yahoo.

I've also 'syndicated my site' by pointing my RSS feed at a service called Feedburner. They push it out all over the place. The really cool thing about this is other people with websites can republish (syndicate) excerpts of my content for free. It helps them and it helps me—sort of a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' thing.

Big deal right? Well, CNN thinks so. So does the BBC.

You can read that Feedburner page and find a newsreader, or simply sign up for free at Bloglines or Yahoo.

Go on, jump in. You'll thank me for it.